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Anne and Steve Truppe are the killer husband and wife team behind Tru Studio, creating videos and taking photographs to tell your brand’s story. Their lives have taken them from the world of architecture to the world of owning their own small business – below you’ll get a peek into this talented (and adorable!) couple’s life behind the lens:


What drives the storytelling.

1. With a background in architecture, you both have made a great – and successful – leap. What caused the inspiration to become photographers?

We have always been inspired by the power of photography, but never pursued it seriously when growing up. In 2008, the building industry, like most things, collapsed, and we had to work a few odd jobs to pay the bills. During this time of great stability ;), Steve proposed. We started searching for a wedding photographer and were opened up and inspired by the world of portraiture with a candid, photojournalistic approach. It started a fire in us and made us take notice. After a few months, we started thinking that this was something we could see ourselves pursuing together and decided to try it out. We haven’t looked back since.


Capturing a day in the life of two Portland friends – making that rainy day weather look perfect!

2. Any advice on to others who feel that they are stuck in their current occupations?

We’ve always used happiness as our compass and trusted our gut. Sometimes that has led us down a path of less stability, but in the end, it makes us happier humans. Our advice would be that if someone is unhappy with their current situation, buckle down and put in the hard work because only he or she has the power to change it.



3. With Tru Studio, you market yourselves as “brand storytellers” – I’d love to hear how that was decided!

We started off photographing weddings, but quickly learned that it was not a good fit for us. What we did learn was that we enjoyed telling visual stories with a focus on people. We decided that we wanted to switch to commercial lifestyle photography to work with brands and business to help them visually connect with their audiences. Our work with Forma solidified our interest in our new direction.


Telling the RFRM Jewelry story – from how the pieces are made (above Question 3), to how they are worn.

4. As a husband and wife team, do you feel more intuitive than working with someone else? (And do you ever just get sick of each other? You can be honest.)

Working together is not for everyone, but it works really well for us. We have very similar thought processes and aesthetics and have learned over time to play to each others’ strengths. Anne tends to be more linear and organized while Steve tends to be more fluid and organic; the two help balance one another, and we are able to see the whole spectrum, creating stronger, intentional work. We enjoy having one another to bounce ideas off each other because working alone can be difficult to stay motivated and it’s always helpful to have a sounding board. That being said, it is difficult at times to turn off the business-mindset and just be a couple. We’ve been working at creating a balance between our work and relationship.


A lifestyle shoot in the Columbia River Gorge to showcase Hand-Eye Supply products.

5. Beyond Tru, you have started Forma, a publication that champions the appreciation of a creative life. What inspiration do you hope to give to others – and what has it inspired in yourselves?

Yes, we co-founded Forma. The inspiration that we hope to give to others is that there are people out in the world doing fascinating things, and we want to tell their stories. Forma takes an honest, sometimes gritty, approach which we believe helps people feel that they are not alone in their creative journey. The idea that others have gone through the same or similar situation is powerful. We hope that it inspires people to feel support and understanding – that getting to a successful place is not always easy. There are hardships and roadblocks along the way, and we want to bring those to light because these are the things that resonate and inspire people.

Forma has inspired us in countless ways. It helped us shape the direction of our own business, we have been inspired to support more local/small business, and we have met incredible people along the way. Working with a talented group of passionate people is extremely fulfilling – to see people come together, support one another, and make something grow from a simple idea.

High fives to Steve and Anne Truppe – your work is beautiful!

Bonus Question: What has surprised you the most in your career?

It’s a total roller coaster. There are extreme highs and lows, and we have learned a ton about ourselves, emotionally and creatively, along the way.


Find out more about Tru Studio at their website –, and take a peek at Forma for an amazing visual journey! (All photos in this post are courtesy of Tru Studio.)


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