Every two years, 826CHI compiles the best of the best from their tutoring students’ writing, and publishes a collection called the Compendium. Many volunteers pour through the hundreds of stories, ranging from heartfelt and raw, to one-liner jokes.  
Tiny Bold was honored when approached by 826CHI to design the cover and interior layout for their Compendium, Volume 4. The theme was to make a book an atlas; you need not read in order to get a full journey in the best sense.



Working with illustrator Marnie Galloway, our idea of an atlas came to life with her beautiful watercolor based illustrations. The outer cover is darker, filled with the more realistic and recognizable line work of maps adults are all familiar with, punctured by the compass die cut that gives a peek into the gatefold-filled world the students live in: one of wonder, imagination, and 50-foot tall kittens that eat XBox360s.


Breaker pages, allowing for the atlas theme to pull the reader further in and help navigate different themes throughout the book (space, the past, the future…) were illustrated to include details from the stories to follow.


A legend gives readers a glimpse into the 826CHI options for students, each story marked by an illustrated icon from where it came from; after-school tutoring, workshops, field trips, etc.


And while there are many wonderful, interesting stories filling this book, we’ll leave you with a favorite, quick story from a fun first grader, titled “Santa Goes to Jail”…



Credits and High Fives
Client: 826CHI and Big Shoulders Books
Role: Book Cover Design, Interior Book Layout
Illustration: Marnie Galloway, Monkey-Rope Press
Editor/Project Manager: Tara Jayakar
Printer: McNaughton & Gunn, Inc.