In 2010, Etsy on Sale launched, giving Etsy shop owners the ability to easily manage sales. Fast forward five years, and they are now the largest third party app for Etsy, winners of the Best Seller Tool for the Code as Craft contest, and added on two new tools to help automatically update listings and quickly tag all their items.

But the one thing that hadn’t been updated was their look, leading EOS to come to Tiny Bold for a brand refresh. Throwing away their entire existing visual appearance, EOS was looking for something approachable, fun, modern, and clean. Tiny Bold delivered with a logo that hints at their sales with tag shapes, a bright new color palette, and a custom designed website allowing for Etsy sellers to navigate their own shop tools, and Etsy buyers to peruse what items are on sale at a glance!






Keep an eye out for Etsy on Sale the next time you are shopping on Etsy – it is fun spotting the “Powered by Etsy On Sale” icon when you find that perfect crafted gift!

Credits and High Fives
Client: Etsy On Sale
Role: Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Copywriting by Nic Flaws
Website Development: Cameron Henneke
All Etsy sale images are property of their rightful owners.