There are lots of ways to help others, and a big one is helping them feel comfortable as themselves. When Janelle Sullivan, owner of Rise, described her goals of the studio to be “a place where you can come to practice, make mistakes, and leave feeling great about who you are both inside and out”–she won over the Tiny Bold heart.  
Rise had momentum within their Glen Ellyn, Illinois community, having run classes in a shared space previous to finding their perfect storefront. But with that storefront came so many more questions: who are we now? What visuals will attract new fitness folks? And how can we stay welcoming, while proving that we are serious and knowledgable?  



The Rise Fitness Studio brand was developed through a series of mood boards, finally focusing in on the logo itself. (See a bit more behind the scenes for the logo process here!) Rise hopes to be a place for all genders, ages, and experience level; the logo, therefore, was designed to be gender-neutral and not specific to one particular genre of exercise. It’s simplicity, and feeling of movement within a contained space, represented the Rise mentality in the studio.



With a limited budget, we designed a WordPress website, allowing for easy updating on the client end. Tutorials, templated image files, and helpful hints provided Janelle and her in-house team of computer-minded helpers update the schedules, class descriptions, new instructors, and specials running at the studio.


One of the most fun parts about this brand story was seeing it come alive in a physical space! Rachel Alcorn of Two Hands Interiors provided interior design for the Rise studio, pulling together the established colors and feeling of the brand to create a welcoming storefront and studio, filled with interesting touches. May Boury of May Boury Designs took the logo and tagline and designed a vibrant and active window display, sure to draw in curious passerby.


Credits and High Fives
Client: Rise Glen Ellyn
Role: Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Print Design
Brand & Studio Space Photography: Kelly Allison Photography
Website Development Assistance: Get Sharp, Inc.
Environment Design: Two Hands Interiors
Window Display: May Boury Design