Associated Colleges of the Midwest

A little something to anticipate and remember a study abroad adventure.


Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) helps a collective group of fourteen smaller colleges with a variety of items that would be difficult to handle on their own, including study abroad. But when you are signing students up for an off-campus study program from outside their school, how do you make a connection with them? ACM tasked Tiny Bold with creating the piece of their Admit Kit – a package that welcomed students to the program and adventure ahead by more than a simple letter.

Illustrated buttons viewed from above


Tiny Bold created a custom set of buttons for each of twelve locations the ACM offers off-campus study. From a bike and tulips in Amsterdam, to gelato and the Duomo in Florence, all the way to an adorable giraffe in Tanzania, and even a delicious Chicago-style hot dog in our favorite city, each button was illustrated to highlight a piece of the experience the students were looking forward to having.

4-packs of buttons on backers
Button pack close up
Button pack close up


Students hopped on social media to share their excitement for their programs – and their admit kits! It created a fun way for ACM to interact with the students.

Sharing the buttons on Instagram

“Students, faculty, and staff at our colleges all love the vibrant new designs, and the button packs are highly coveted items that created quite a buzz across all our channels!”