Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Extending a brand to caffeinate as many people as possible, while saving as many dogs as possible.

The challenge

Grounds And Hounds Coffee Co. came to Tiny Bold with a logo, a great mission, and very tasty coffee. With 20% of the proceeds from their fair-trade, organic coffee being given to no-kill dog shelters around the country, helping get this company get off and running was as fun as playing with a four-legged friend!

With the business plan and logo in place, G&H needed an expansion of their brand: an e-commerce website, help finishing up their packaging, and fantastic promotion. Through multiple photo shoots, a website that informs its audience as much as it sells to it, and social media & printed pieces to promote their brand, Tiny Bold helped capture their dog-and-coffee-lover spirit.


We wanted the photography to look as good as coffee smells on a Sunday morning. Multiple photo shoots over time have captured the blends paired with their tasting notes, owners playing with their best friends, branded products and more, to be utilized on the site, in promotions, and on social media.

Product Photography
Product photos

“Fun fact: Alison actually let us have a photo shoot in her house with 6 dogs, 9 people, and hot coffee in every room… good luck finding another design firm with that type of commitment to your brand!”


Custom illustrations were drawn for the brand, giving step-by-step instructions on how to brew the perfect cup, insight into the coffee process from seedling to your home, and how G&H helps pups around the country.

Illustration of coffee seedling and coffee berries

Website Design & Development

What we loved about working with Jordan was that he didn’t simply want to get people to buy coffee–he wanted people to learn about it so they would love it as much as he does. The site provides a wealth of knowledge on everything from brewing your best cup, to finding your best new pup. Photography and illustration that were established in the beginning of the branding process were carried over into the site for a great mix of fun & delicious with a mission.

The custom developed WordPress site, partnered with Shopify for the ecommerce section, allowed for plenty of growth after the initial launch.

Website design


Packaging / Photo Direction / Website Design / Print Design / Bit of Modeling & Dog Wrangling // Photography by Kelly Allison Photography

“Tiny Bold was able to reduce my propensity for grey hair by making the design process much more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. Through fun conversations and copious amounts of coffee, we were able conceptualize the Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. imagery, brand feel, and web presence. Tiny Bold’s design made our overall presence more impactful than I could have ever imagined.”