Branding & packaging for a sweet company.

The Challenge

Is there anything more tiny and bold than a bee? We don’t think so. When Glen and Pam started their hives in their backyards, they intended for it to be a simple side hobby. Gallons of honey later, they needed something to help market it. From naming, to logo design and packaging, Tiny Bold worked side by side with the owners to create something they’d be able to use as their company begins to sell their products and beyond.

Honey jar and honey wine packaging

Naming & Logo Design

As a small company with no intention of growing, keeping the name personalized to them was key. “G&P’s Backyard Bees” hit on a few things we collectively loved: describing exactly what they do, where it’s located, and – of course – some rhyming. The logo overlays bold, slightly transparent typography on an illustration based on one of the hives in Glen’s backyard, keeping things light, airy, and personal to them.

Logo design

Packaging Design

As a small company whose “employees” are not prone to listening to anyone but their queen, their product may increase or decrease per season. Keeping this in mind, Tiny Bold worked to create packaging that could be printed out on an as-needed basis. Labels for their honey provide a little information into what raw honey is and how to use it, honey wine labels are kept fairly straightforward. Both labels incorporate a section that allows Glen and Pam to write in the details of the jar or bottle you’re receiving – from the town the honey was harvested from, to the date it was jarred or bottled.

Packaging design showing bottle of honeywine
Packaging design showing jar of honey
Packaging design showing honey wine bottle
Packaging design showing honey jar
Packaging design showing honey jar


Logo Design / Naming / Packaging Design  //  Photo styling by Janelle Gonyea  //  Photography by Brian Pietrini

“Our starting point was some honey and mead. With Tiny Bold, we became a real brand that can grow. We love that the labels look beautiful while being able to add a personal touch to each… now who wants some honey?”