Education Network

Branding a lush oasis, just a few miles outside of Chicago

The Challenge

Progressive Education Network (PEN) had been growing immensely over the years; their board felt like it was time to pair their refreshed goals and mission with a look to match. PEN had initially come to Tiny Bold to refresh their website, but after a few cross-country video chats and intensive Q&As, we discovered that it wasn’t simply the website that felt lacking – it was the entire brand. We took a few steps back to start from the beginning.

Photo of historic PEN members

Logo Design

Without any sincere connections to the former logo, it gave us the ability to put it to the side and start from scratch. While we kept a few key elements–a bright orange somewhere in the palette, title-case name treatment–the rest was an exploration in communicating the ideas of connections, joy, and welcoming children in education. After rounds of sketches and concepts, we landed on the PEN mark: designed by spelling “Progressive Education” in Morse Code and wrapping the circles of “letters” into welcoming circles around the name. PEN loved it because it could be interpreted in a multitude of ways: from each space being a person connected within the community, to an outer ring of supportive teachers & parents surrounding the inner circle of students, and more!

Progressive Education Network stacked logo

“The logo was the first piece to be completed, and it brought tears to my eyes; it so beautifully communicates what PEN should be to anyone who is affiliated with us: a colorful network with space for everyone.”

Web Design & Development

Throughout our conversations, we realized that PEN’s website had to be more than a place to get information; it should be a place to facilitate community interaction. A custom WordPress template was designed and developed for PEN, providing a space that was sophisticated while remaining child-friendly.

A more robust site allows for ticketing for their events without leaving their site, donations to be made easily, members to join and submit everything from job opportunities to blog posts, and gives the opportunity to keep expanding.

Photo of a screenshot of the PEN website on an iMac
Custom illustrated icons for the PEN website


Logo Design / Branding / Website Design / Website Development

“We have had hundreds of new subscribers join our network, and we have had upwards of 30 new partner requests through the new online application form. So the network is measurably growing!”